Millennial Innovation

Innovation in the technology age takes place when those with the tools (typically young) work along-side of those with experience (typically not as young). This combination can be a powerful one when culture allows counter-parts to play on the same field and contribute as equals.
As a recent graduate of architecture school, I’ve noticed those with tools lack essential skills such as sketching, detailing with intent, managing external relationship. On the other hand, those with experience tend to be one level removed from the documentation process because of their lack of comfort with technology. The pre-millennial generation accepted a hierarchy in command that battles this method of fostering innovation. It was normal to be a ‘cad monkey’ for the first 3-5years in your career while you took commands from above. Given the pace of projects I’ve recently seen, and movement toward more design-build and design assist, we don’t have the luxury to work in a top down system. Some of our principals and design leaders are accepting this shift and are working beside those with fresh ideas and technology that need qualification. These are the environments where we’re seeing innovation take place.

Pull up a chair, boss!


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