…like finding a tulip in the ivy

Nature always amazes me. Not in an I want to mimic everything you do, nature kind of a way. I simply enjoy the way it expresses itself and how it seems to appear at the right moment for an epiphany. When I noticed this tulip I had the urge to capture it and bring it inside, put it in a jar of water and have it accompany my eclectic decor. Is this normal? Are humans programmed to arrange things in this way? After thinking about this for a few minutes I came to the conclusion that good intentions only exist in the presence of bad. Although the image of a tulip amongst a bed of ivy is an interesting aesthetic, the epiphany is the dichotomy present in all. Light and dark, black and white, happy and sad are all examples to varied perception. Now, if I were to cut the tulip and bring it inside then it would have temporarily made myself and others in the vicinity happy, until its death of course. On the other hand, if I leave the tulip then no one will know it exists! If I had a third had it would be holding the key thought >>> it only exist in the bed of ivy. It completely loses it significance inside of the house but it will be awfully nostalgic. Selfish, isn’t it?


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