Movement in Architecture.

One can’t hold a conversation about the built environment without addressing form. Form is derived in many ways and has been one of the major reasons for movements in architecture throughout its existence. It can be heavily influenced by any number of things like emotion and program but I’ll spare you that dramatic list. The most interesting form generator in my book is function. The way a space is articulation through time and movement is important and that conversation can be navigated from any lens put on the built environment. An idea that begins by folding paper, for example, has the potential to become something real! With the continual growth in the popularity of custom spaces and places, architects are able to access the tools necessary to take this approach and articulate space based on core function rather than decoration. Our post-modern forefathers wouldn’t know what to do! This means that the things we imagine have a increasingly greater chance of becoming a reality and that’s pretty exciting!


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