Big Idea 2013: College Becomes Optional

Big Idea 2013: College Becomes Optional

After completing higher education at an art school in an extremely technical profession, architecture, I too have come to this conclusion. Much of the coursework lent itself to repetitive tasks to appease elder professors or for bragging rights about who has the best rendering skills. Statistically, there is a drastic decrease those who study architecture and those who go on to practice it.To me, this is an indicator that education models are not current and my personal experience speaks for that. I forced myself to break the mold by diversifying my studies through free online tutorials on topics which my professors knew very little about. I gravitated towards the most open minded individuals who were able to think and guide into an individualistic approach. This was the fostering of my innovation! I pushed my way into diverse collaborations between departments that rarely interacted which became an opportunity in learning how to manage various perspectives. I began to question current ethics in the profession I was planning to embark on and came to the inevitable conclusion that many designers in architecture are disconnected with the realities of the construction process. I began to fabricate based on one simple question [because questions are more important than answers]; are we evolving into a society that demands greatness but isn’t willing to identify how we get there? Technical educations seem to provide this basis because they are for the most part finite. When you complete a technical project you should be able to say “what you see is what you get” and that is not what I saw from my predecessors at large.

The fact of the matter is that, if you take command of your passion and work to succeed then you will likely flourish in whatever you do. My current position allows me to work on the other side of the grey line, where design and construction are blurred, and assess the strengths and weaknesses of architects and it’s seems to be clear, there is a tremendous lack of technical knowledge.

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